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The Importance of E Waste Recycling

E waste Collection, Recycling & Disposal services or Electronic waste is growing and with this surge comes the need for effective E Waste Recycling. Society has enjoyed numerous benefits with the proliferation of new cheap devices. However, this explosive growth of the electronics industry has resulted in a rapidly escalating issue of e-waste or end-of-life (EOL) electronics requiring E waste recycling services.

We can help with all your requirements for E Waste Collection,  E Waste Recycling and E Waste Disposal of all your IT equipment from full Datacentres to Computers, Printers, Photocopiers, CCU, Servers, Phones, IP Phones, SIP Phones, Dect Phones, Cards, Consoles, Routers, Expansion Modules, Conference Phones and Headsets.

EOL electronic devices also known as e-scrap or e-waste includes items such as out dated Phone Systems, Data Equipment, Mobile Phones, Televisions, Stereos, and Computer & IT Equipment.  Even though such items can be recycled or refurbished, massive quantities still find their way to the landfill.  Therefore, there should be proactive efforts to encourage E waste recycling.

Electronic Waste Recycling, Collection & Disposal

As a business owner, you are legally required to recycle ALL your redundant electrical and electronic equipment waste in accordance with the WEEE Directive

If you no longer want your old office telephone handsets, system(s), IT equipment, Mint Recycling can make a site visit, collect the items and recycle them in an environmentally responsible manner.

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Why Is WEEE Recycling & Disposal Necessary?

In Europe, the WEEE Directive, a regulation designed to dispose of used electronic goods in an environmentally-friendly manner, took effect in August 2005, so all electronic appliance manufacturers in the region must build a collection and recycling system for end-of-life electronic products.

The ‘Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment’ Directive (WEEE Directive) became law in January 2007. Old office telephones, systems, UPS batteries, computers, monitors, printers, etc., can no longer be disposed of at landfill sites. Instead, they must be recycled by a registered waste management company. Electrical waste emits lead and other hazardous toxins, which can result in a detrimental impact on the environment, which in turn has profound consequences for wildlife and human life.

Businesses must have a certificate of proof that their electrical waste has been disposed of and recycled by a registered waste recycler.


E Waste Collection & Disposal Services