Computer Disposal Service

Mint Recycling is registered at the Environment Agency for waste, electrical and electronic equipment.

We can offer a bespoke service tailored to your needs and unlike most companies where time is a critical factor we offer an industry leading 24/7 Availability

We can help with all your requirements to Collect, Recycle and Dispose of all your Computer & IT equipment from full Data centres to Servers, Laptops, Printers, UPS, Batteries & Screens.

We only use experienced engineers that work with you to Decommission/Pickup your equipment with minimal disruption to you and your Company. We offer a tailored service for all your requirements
We make sure any sensitive data is disposed of and wiped correctly. We use industry standard methods to ensure the Data Protection Act is complied with and to ensure your data is secured.

Hard Drives & Media can be wiped, degaussed, crushed or shredded to industry standards that Comply with the Data Protection Act

Our site recovery team provide some of the following services:

  • Site and risk assessment
  • Dismantling and packaging
  • Decommission Recycle and Disposal Services
  • Waste transfer note certification issued upon removal & competition
  • In accordance with The European Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE).

Computer Disposal Service

As a business owner, you are legally required to recycle ALL your redundant electrical and electronic equipment waste in accordance with the WEEE Directive.

If you no longer want your old office telephone handsets, system(s), IT equipment, contact Mint Recycling to arrange a site visit, collect the items and recycle them in an environmentally responsible manner.

Why Is Computer Disposal Necessary?

In Europe, the WEEE Directive, a regulation designed to dispose of used electronic goods in an environmentally-friendly manner, took effect in August 2005, so all electronic appliance manufacturers in the region must build a collection and recycling system for end-of-life electronic products.

The ‘Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment’ Directive (WEEE Directive) became law in January 2007. Old office telephones, systems, UPS batteries, computers, monitors, printers, etc., can no longer be disposed of at landfill sites. Instead, they must be recycled by a registered waste management company. Electrical waste emits lead and other hazardous toxins, which can result in a detrimental impact on the environment, which in turn has profound consequences for wildlife and human life.

Businesses must have a certificate of proof that their electrical waste has been disposed of and recycled by a registered waste recycler.

Computer Disposal