Telecommunications, IT & Computer Equipment Asset Recovery & Resale

Our aim is to ensure that your companies Telecommunications, Computer and IT asset recovery is legally compliant, secure and environmentally friendly.

We will work with you to identify the most suitable method of asset recovery to help minimise any disruption to your on-going business operations and maximise the potential value of return, Mint Recycling prides themselves on being able to offer bespoke services such as telecoms recovery, so whether you are an SME or large corporation we will have the right solution for you.


  • General Clearance (Non WEEE)
  • Site assessment (WEEE Related Works)
  • Asset valuation
  • Proposed recovery strategy and plan
  • Dismantling and packaging
  • Transportation and removal
  • Telecoms recovery

If your organisation has equipment of significant value we can provide re-marketing services, which will allow you extract value from your equipment whilst also ensuring that you comply with WEEE regulations. We can work with you to determine the value of the equipment to extract this value.

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What Is Asset Recovery?

The basic definition of asset recovery is the sale of materials and goods that are no longer of value to a company to maximise returns while minimising liability. These items can be categorised as junk, waste, scrap or surplus.
In the last decade or so, asset and material goods recovery has become a popular means of turning waste into profit due to the increased focus on recycling, waste management and environmental concerns. Normally this type of recovery is part of a liquidation process to regain as much profit from the sale or disposal of assets.
In some cases, disposition is considered of greater benefit than recovery as equipment, tools and other items that are standing idle add costs to the company and are of little to no value. Simply disposing of these assets without receiving a return can are therefore result in cost saving measures.
The process of identification, recovery and disposition of assets is normally performed by specialist asset recovery experts. In the case of liquidation, the function will be performed by a liquidator. These specialists will charge a fee for their services or take a portion of the return or savings that the company benefits from. It is therefore in their best interests to identify and get the highest returns or maximize savings to profit from their services.

Asset or investment recovery has also received greater notice in the legal arena, providing its own specialized field of practice for lawyers and attorneys.

In these terms, asset recovery, also referred to as investment recovery, relates to the recovery of assets (both monetary and material in nature) that have been obtained fraudulently, stolen, misappropriated or disposed of in a manner that has removed them from rightful ownership.

This area of law is broad and cases involve both civil and common law suits and litigation. The process can be complicated, involved and lengthy and requires a specialized knowledge of a variety of different fields of the law. In this regard, investment recovery may not only relate to the actual value of the loss of an asset but also to any proceeds that may have been received through the unlawful use of the asset.

A company may also claim loss of revenue from the divestment or misappropriation of an asset. In other words, if a piece of equipment has been unavailable for use or has been used to misappropriate revenue from the business, the company can include loss of income for their business in their law suit.

Throughout the process of any type of asset or investment recovery, legal representation is not only advisable but often a necessity. A specialized recovery team is frequently led by a lawyer or attorney who specializes in the field of recovery. However, this is far more important in liquidation recovery or where fraud, criminal and other illegal activity have been involved.

It is also highly recommended that a skilled and experienced team in the specialised field be employed for identification, recovery, disposition and redeployment of assets.